Plan Accordingly

Your tan will easily last 7-10 days. Plan on getting sprayed 1-2 days before an event (i.e. wedding, dances, etc).

If you are going on holiday plan to come in as close to the departure date as possible (i.e. leave for Aruba on Saturday morning, get sprayed Friday night). Check out Sweating, swimming, exercising for more details on vacation related activities and your tan.

If this is something that you plan on doing on weekly basis we recommend picking a specific day of the week that works best for you and sticking to that same day. Being that the tan often outlives 7 days you want to make sure that you lightly exfoliate everyday and start this during the first shower.  We need clean canvas to spray each time. Choose lighter tone if some of your previous tan is still remaining (i.e. previous tan was a Tone 5, go with a Tone 4) and we’re talking evenly faded, not the patchy fade.