The 8 Hours

During the 8 Hours

Immediately following your spray tan, what not to do and what to expectThis is very important and it only applies to the first 8 hours after being sprayed and before your first shower, read it thoroughly, eventually this process becomes second nature.

  • Do not touch your skin unless you want your palms to match.
  • Do not wash your hands. A little hand sanitizer (on the palms ONLY) should do the trick if you find yourself in a germy situation.
  • Avoid crying, rain, snow, sweat, dog slobber, and the groping hands of your lover.
  • You may feel a little sticky;  applying Puff Powder remedies the stick factor.
  • You will have a cosmetic bronzer on that does and will transfer onto light colored materials. Be aware of that.
  • Your skin may look shiny/oily as your tan develops, don’t panic, you won’t turn into the human zit.
  • Do NOT go to the mall and try on clothes, no one wants to  buy clothes that have your spray tan bronzer all over them.
  • Do NOT get a manicure or pedicure. Always, always, always get these services done BEFORE your spray tan is applied.
  • The cosmetic bronzer may collect in the creases of your skin, this will not affect your tan so it would be wise not to touch it. Ever. Trust us.
  • Your teeth and the whites of your eyes will look exceptionally white;
  • If you spill any liquids on yourself your tan will look lighter or blotchy in that area.
  • Do NOT put lotion on your skin or you will lighten your tan in that area or cause it to develop unevenly.
  • Do NOT fall asleep with your hands resting on another part of your body otherwise your hands and palms with be unnaturally tan/dark/atrocious.

Now remember…this is only for the first 8 hours, after your first shower everything goes back to normal with one exception- you’re tan.

After the 8 Hours

FleshTones tanning solutions take a full 24 hours to completely develop. This means your tan will become a little deeper, even after your first shower. The following is a short list of everything you can do after your first shower.

  • You no longer have to worry about getting wet.
  • Your spray tan is not going to rub off onto anything or anyone.
  • You can shave your legs, wear deodorant and put on lotion.
  • You may notice some difficulty choosing something to wear because everything in your closet looks amazing on you.
  • All of your selfies are on point.
  • You can do everything you would usually do without a spray tan.