The tanning solutions we use at FleshTones contain a cosmetic bronzer. The “cosmetic” means that it is temporary and that the next time you shower it will be all gone. Cosmetic bronzers serve three purposes: 1. visual guide for the Technician that is spraying you; 2. it gives you, the client, some immediate color; 3. a colorful reminder that you have been sprayed and to stay far far away from water.

This is the culprit that causes the most grief for sunless users. The bronzer is the reason you do not wear white immediately after you get sprayed, why you do not want to hit the town after getting sprayed and one of the reasons why you don’t want sweat while it it’s on, it travels. Cosmetic bronzers like to travel to the creases of our elbows, the folds of our necks, it fancies light colored material and when it gets wet it smears and runs. Bronzer that travels to creases and folds is not an issue where your tan is concerned; on the other hand, bronzer that gets wet before the 8th hour may be a concern.

The bronzer is not intended to be an exact preview of what your final results are going to be and is meant to be rinsed off 8 hours after your spray tan; waiting longer will not affect your tan or enable you to develop a darker tan. However, you will notice that after 8 hours you may look exceptionally dark and this is due to the combination of the developed tan and the cosmetic bronzer, once you shower you will notice the bronzer rinsing down the drain and your overall color has lightened to a more natural looking tan.