Hands, Feet, Faces

These three areas are the trickiest when it comes to sunless tanning and everyone is different. Hands and feet always take a beating through continual hand washings and tight shoes, so it’s not uncommon for your hands and feet to fade faster than the rest of you. If your hands tend to be dry around the knuckles the tanning solution will absorb heavily in that area making your knuckles the darkest part of your hand.

The remedy for this is proper hydration, dab a little lotion on the knuckles before you get sprayed. Same goes for the calluses around the feet and ankles. People who use hand sanitizer gel on a regular basis will also notice significant fading of the hands. Faces commonly fade faster than any other part of the body and getting your face sprayed twice is usually not a good idea (remember the orange), spraying twice doesn’t help it last any longer either. Using our FleshTones Touch-Up spray in between visits is the best solution for this.