Plan Accordingly

Your tan will last 5-7 days, when you need to be tan for an event or trip you will need to keep this in mind. We can’t stress enough the importance of not getting sprayed the day of an event. Your tan will not be developed and you will be solely relying on the cosmetic bronzer for your color.

Plan on getting sprayed 2 days before the event (i.e. party on Friday, get sprayed on Wednesday) your tan is at its peak of perfection by day 2. If you are wanting to be tan for a week long trip then you will want to come in as close to the departure date as possible (i.e. leave for Aruba on Saturday morning, get sprayed Friday night). Some people have been known to get sprayed immediately before heading to the airport to board their flight.

Most of our clients get sprayed for no reason other than they enjoy having a bit of color, in this case you can swing in whenever your heart desires.