Sweating, swimming, exercising

There is a misconception with sunless tanning that you can’t do any of these things without your tan melting, streaking or going straight back to being pale. This is simply not true (unless this happens during the first 8 hours); these three things just cause your tan to fade a little faster than those of us who enjoy living a sedentary lifestyle. While you exercise and sweat elastic waistbands, bra straps and shoes sometimes rub the tan off faster in the area it comes in contact with, the end result mimics a tan line (think golfers feet).

The good news is that you can ALWAYS get these areas touched back up whenever you wish and unlike a suntan you won’t be stuck with it for the rest of summer- you’ll be able to start from scratch again within just a few days.

Whenever a sunless tan is exposed to prolonged periods of moisture, there is a big risk of premature fading so long dips in chlorinated pools isn’t ideal. Some people find that using a waterproof sunscreen helps to keep the water from stripping away their tan; we think that you should be wearing sunscreen anyways so you might as well reach for the waterproof version.