The 8 Hours

Immediately following your spray tan, what not to do and what to expect.  This is VERY important and it only applies to the first 8 hours after being sprayed and before your first shower, so read it thoroughly…

  • Do not touch your skin unless you want your palms to match.
  • Do not wash your hands. A little hand sanitizer (on the palms ONLY) should do the trick if you find yourself in a germy situation.
  • Avoid crying, rain, snow, sweat, dog slobber, and the groping hands of your lover.
  • You may feel a little sticky;  you can eliminate this issue by applying our Puff Powder using one of our adorable handmade Puff Balls.
  • Do NOT throw away your Puff Ball, they last forever and they can go through the washer and dryer. Besides, we make these with love and a lot of elbow grease.
  • You will have a cosmetic bronzer on that does and will transfer onto light colored materials. Be aware of that.
  • Your skin may look shiny/oily as your tan develops.
  • Do NOT go to the mall and try on clothes, no one wants to  buy clothes that have your spray tan bronzer all over them.
  • Do NOT get a manicure or pedicure. Always, always, always get these services done BEFORE your spray tan is applied.
  • The cosmetic bronzer may collect in the creases of your skin, this will not affect your tan so it would be wise not to touch it. Ever. Trust us.
  • As the hours pass you will notice that you are looking exceptionally dark.
  • Your teeth and the whites of your eyes will look exceptionally white;
  • If you spill any liquids on yourself your tan will look lighter or blotchy in that area.
  • Do NOT put lotion on your skin or you will lighten your tan in that area or cause it to streak.
  • Do NOT fall asleep with your hands resting on another part of your body otherwise your hands and palms with be unnaturally tan/dark/atrocious.

Now remember…this is only for the first 8 hours, after your first shower everything goes back to normal with one exception- you’re tan.

FleshTones tanning solutions take a full 24 hours to completely develop. This means your tan will become a little deeper, even after your first shower.

FleshTones recommends 5-7 days between regular visits. So to maintain your tan simply grace us with your presence once a week, we’ll keep your color consistent year round.

As a side note, your tan will not rub off onto your clothes after your first shower and it is best not to plan a night out on the town the day you get sprayed.

Please remember to ALWAYS let us know you EVER have any problems with your tan. We can’t stress that enough. We can’t fix what we do not know about.