How to Arrive

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This is how should arrive:

  • Exfoliated (24 hours ahead of time)
  • Make-up free
  • Lotion free
  • Deodorant free
  • Wait at least one hour after showering/swimming before arriving
  • Evenly faded from previous spray tan
  • Wear dark LOOSE fitting clothes

Why do we want you to arrive like this? Because…

Exfoliated skin results in a more even tan that lasts longer. If a mesh shower pouf is your version of exfoliating, you’re doing it wrong. We recommend using Scrub Gloves or an Exfoliating Bath Cloth.

Make-up and lotion will dilute the tanning solution, resulting in a lighter or streaky tan.

The cosmetic bronzer that is in our solution has a love/hate relationship with deodorant. If deodorant is present your armpits might turn a fancy shade of green– no worries, this will wash off during your first shower.

You should wait an hour after showering/swimming before getting your spray tan because your skin will be water logged, this will dilute the solution.

If you get sprayed with existing patches of your previous spray tan remaining, those areas will become darker and fade poorly.

Tight clothes will prohibit the tan from developing evenly and may even halt the process altogether. There’s a cosmetic bronzer in the tanning solution that will rub off onto light colored material. This is only an issue during the 8 hour process time, after your first shower this will no longer be a concern. Bras and tight socks are not recommended immediately after getting sprayed.

Things to consider:

A real person sprays you and wearing your birthday suit will not freak us out. We see naked people all day long. Besides, the best part about a sunless tan is that every part of you gets to look perfect–even those pesky little smile lines under your bum. The point is, wear what ever your comfort level is. Guys: we require that you to wear bottoms that cover your man parts, certain areas of the body weren’t meant to be spray tanned. Trust us.

We’re not too crazy about freshly shaved skin so try and shave at least 8 hours ahead of time; sometimes the solution will settle into the pores of freshly shaved skin creating dark dots in the hair follicles.

Bring a hair tie if your hair is long enough to touch your shoulders. If you have platinum blonde or white hair, bring a wide cotton head band or shower cap to prevent your hair from getting a tan.

When it’s raining outside, dress appropriately. Any exposed skin that comes in contact with rain will result in a botched tan. Keep an umbrella handy just in case.

We do not recommend getting sprayed the day of an event.

←Plan Accordingly                                                                                                       The 8 Hours→