Proper Fade

Exfoliating gently every time you shower will enable your tan to fade evenly. If you choose to not do this, you may notice areas of your tan are fading in a patchy or scaly manor. Your tan is far more durable than you think so do not be afraid to use a little elbow grease in the shower, babying it only makes it fade poorly. Have you ever had a bad experience with a sunless product and tried everyday (in vain) to scrub it off? If yes, then you know how well these tan’s stick.

Waiting to shower longer than 8 hours is really unnecessary and does not enable your tan to be darker or last any longer. If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck just use water to rinse the bronzer off in 8 hours and then use soap/body wash after 16 hours. Moisturizing daily is essential. Proper skin hydration keeps the tan healthy and glowing, dry skin will flake and make your tan look lighter and dull. Mineral oil in lotions creates a barrier that prevents the skin from absorbing much needed moisture and leaves a film that prevents the sunless solution from absorbing properly.

The key items all sunless users need to have are: Exfoliating Bath Mits, Exfoliating Bath Cloth and Virgin Coconut Skin Milk (which is specifically formulated for sunless skin). Do not use commercial bars of soap as they strip the skin of moisture and causes your tan to fade faster. Stay away from body lotions that contain Mineral Oil or Petrolatum, this creates a moisture barrier that prevents essential hydration from properly absorbing into the skin.